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Popular Flights

Manchester Buzz Flight

A 7 mile helicopter buzz from City Manchester Barton airport and take in the skyline of the great city...

Mid Wales & Shropshire Buzz Flight

A 7 mile helicopter buzz flight from Welshpool where you will fly over this stunning part of Wales...

Heli Whoop

From Barton airport, climb up to 1500 feet for a birds eye view of the skyline of the great city


After taking off from Welshpool airport the beauty of the Severn Valley unfolds beneath you. See...

Cardiff City Tour

Take in a birds eye view of this wonderful city seeing the millennium stadium, Cardiff castle & bay.....

Giants & Waterfalls Snowdon

A place of myths, legends, waterfalls and giants! Snowdonia has them all in abundance. From...

Best of Bolton

You will first fly over Chat Moss, a large area of peat bog, which is thought to be over 7,000

Castles & Conflicts

The history of this area of Wales, known as the Welsh Marches, goes back centuries, and from...

Manchester City Tour

As you take off from Barton the skyline of Manchester will come into view, the second city of the...

Lancashire Explorer

This is a 30 minute flight which takes in some of the most famous places of the county of Greater...

Magic & Mountains Snowdon

The spectacular and dramatic beauty of Snowdonia is hard to describe. Your flight starts from...

Undiscovered Wales

This flight takes you over a stunning part of Wales that most people just don’t know about! The...

Coast, Castles & Bay Cardiff

This amazing half hour flight departs from Cardiff heliport and takes in the highlights of the city, flying over the

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